Empyrean Advantages

SR&ED Specialists

In business for more than 35 years, The Empyrean Group has specialized exclusively on R&D tax credits for the past 25 years. We can therefore offer extensive, focused experience in delivering maximum benefit to our clients.


Empyrean uses highly qualified engineers, scientists, technical writers and financial professionals with broad industrial experience — including a former SR&ED Financial Manager with CRA.

Experience across Many Industrial Sectors

Our clients range in size from very large, publicly-traded global enterprises to small, family-owned local firms in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, machine design, agriculture, food and beverage processing, electronics, computer hardware, software development, tool and die, injection molding, etc.

Success Rate

We have maintained a 100% success rate since 2001 — all projects submitted have met CRA’s technical eligibility criteria.

Exemplary Reputation

Empyrean has established an excellent reputation with CRA that dramatically lowers the risk of submitting a claim.

Off-Loading of Internal Resources

Using Empyrean’s services to prepare reports frees up valuable time and resources within a client’s engineering, financial and administrative departments.

Affordable and Flexible Fee Structure

Most Empyrean clients choose a fixed-fee-per-project payment structure because it offers the best value, but we also offer competitive contingency fee rates.

No Long-Term Contracts Required

We do not require clients to sign long-term contracts. Our performance, success rate and quality of service result in high client loyalty.