1957       Empyrean’s founder, Nigel Harvey, was originally involved with guided missile research at EMI in England.

1960       Nigel came to Canada to participate in anti-submarine warfare research.

1963       Nigel joined RCA (Montreal), supervising transistor production.

1964       Nigel was asked to participate in the founding of a new company, Simtec Ltd., eventually becoming its president. This firm developed a new generation of nuclear radiation detectors, used in the policing of the nuclear test ban treaty.

1974       Nigel founded his own consulting company, N. P. Harvey & Associates, which became a government/industry liaison for marketing, export development, etc.

1985       David Bodi became Controller of Gates Canada, a tier-one auto parts supplier.

1987       Revenue Canada established the SR&ED program in its current form. Nigel worked closely with the government to interpret the new tax regulations and helped pioneer the concept of “shop floor” R&D. Empyrean began to specialize in SR&ED.

1989       Frank Naccarato joined Dynacon Inc. and was eventually promoted to Director, Product Development and R&D.

1991       N. P. Harvey & Associates became The Empyrean Group. Soon afterwards, the company began operations in the US as well as Canada. The US operation was dedicated to R&D tax credits offered by the IRS.

1997       David was recruited by Nigel to join Empyrean.

2001       Empyrean was acquired by Carlin, Charron & Rosen LLP of Massachusetts.

2002       Frank was asked to join Empyrean.

2005       Empyrean’s sister company in the US began to operate under its own brand as CCR Cost Recovery Services LLC.

2009       Empyrean was acquired by Frank Naccarato and David Bodi, the current President and Vice President. In the US, CCR Cost Recovery Services was acquired by Steve Powers, its Managing Director, and became Intrepid Advisors.

Today, Empyrean and Intrepid continue to work in a close strategic alliance, allowing both companies to share resources in Canada and the US.