SR&ED Services

Before an engagement, Empyrean will provide you and your personnel with a detailed overview of the SR&ED program and its benefits. We will answer your questions about project eligibility, allowable costs and documentation.

Empyrean will conduct a Technical Review to identify all potentially eligible projects and activities. This will involve a detailed examination of your products and processes.

Using the information collected, Empyrean prepares high-quality, professionally written reports (‘Technical Descriptions’) for each project. Reports go through a multi-stage quality control process to ensure the best possible arguments are put forward for your claims.

Draft reports will be delivered for your review usually within two to four weeks. Empyrean will then prepare the final versions of the reports for inclusion in your tax return.

Our rigorous preparation and exemplary reputation means our clients are rarely audited, however, should the CRA request an audit, Empyrean will help you prepare. We stand by our work and we know how the audit process works. We have a proven track record of defending claims successfully and making sure our clients are treated fairly by the CRA.

If requested, Empyrean will also assist you in preparing cost summaries for each project. We will work closely with your internal financial personnel and your accountants.